Caught on Tape: Legionnaire’s Disease, Ruse and Christian Oppression (1979)

Legionnaire’s Disease, Ruse, and Christian Oppression at Rock Island and Old Plantation — two of Houston’s earliest punk venues — in April and September 1979. This tape is from Dale Brooks (pictured) of Houston’s Video Boyz.

PHOTO CAPTION: “I’d throw up if I knew which way was up.”
(Media courtesy of Wild Dog Archives.)

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  1. this is jerry of legionaires disease. i would appreciate a copy of those shows. i have the copy of at live nyc. from henrys stuff and it is coming out soon. id b happy to pay any an all costs to get our shows. i know dale had recorded some good stuff of all of us.thanks, jerry  ps, if we release any of the footage we will give credits to henry an dale.

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