NYC Underground Icon: ‘Hiya Kids, Blondie Fans Are the Best’ (1978-82)

In a pre-digital era, fan clubs were a means of community building and disseminating information, from new record releases, bios, and tour schedules to exclusive band merchandise. Beyond the promotional aspect of building artist identity, fan club ephemera were a means of establishing a personal connection with fans and followers.

Wild Dog Archives includes a number of press kits and promotional items from now defunct fan clubs as well as handwritten letters. Henry Wild Dog was a superfan of female-fronted bands such as the Helen Wheels Band and Blondie.


“My life is like a late night rerun.” – Debbie Harry

blondie3 (1)


 (Official Blondie Fan Club ephemera and PUNK zine No. 10 courtesy of Wild Dog Archives.)


    1. Thank you for sharing your archive of Official Blondie ephemera, Barry. We are curious to know how long it took you to take an inventory. We are still in the discovery phase ourselves. Take care!

      1. There were 87 boxes of stuff weighing up to 80 lbs. each. I had to rent a 2 ton cargo van and drive on truck routes to Long Island to pick it up. It took me about a week to go through everything. Most boxes were unopened cases of the same product. Sorry for the delay replying — I was never notified of this message. Email me if you want or find me on facebook.

  1. The Blondie fan club ephemera really points out how little information we had about the artists that were singing the songs of our lives in that point in time. Now we have access to endless photos, lists of minutia, and hard wired voyeurism into the lives of musicians. Hell, everyone! I miss the days of the more poetic narrative–having to fill in the blanks like a puzzle as you waited for each new scrap of information to be offered.

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