V. Vale

Search & Destroy: Iggy Pop at San Francisco’s Old Waldorf (1977)

“We thought LUST FOR LIFE would come out and knock the world backward; we were wrong. It was kind of like working on FUN HOUSE. That was a great album…people hated it.”Iggy Pop (From a 1977 interview with Search & Destroy’s Lynn X.)


(Search & Destroy No. 4, 1977; photo by Richard Peterson; image courtesy of Wild Dog Archives.)

Beat Generation Meets Punk: San Francisco’s Search & Destroy (1977)

V. Vale’s inaugural issue of San Francisco punk zine, SEARCH & DESTROY, originally funded by beat poets Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. (No. 1, 1977) takes its moniker from a Stooges song and features a “Basic Iggy Pop Bio”:

“Iggy Pop’s legend is one of the crucial cornerstones of rock & roll lore. It began when his Ann Arbor band, The Stooges, debuted on Halloween, 1967, chopping flower power down at the root.”

The full run, Nos. 1-11, can be accessed in the private archives of Henry “Wild Dog” Weissborn.

(Original zine scanned courtesy of Wild Dog Archives.)